FEMA Building Science Resource Library

The Building Science Resource Library contains all of FEMA’s hazard-specific guidance that focuses on creating disaster-resistance communities. You can search for a document by its title, or filter the collection to browse by Disaster Type and Audience.

CBE Climate Tool

The CBE Clima Tool is a web-based application built to support climate analysis specifically designed to support the need of architects and engineers interested in climate-adapted design.

The CBE Clima Tool allows users to analyze the climate data of more than 27,500 locations worldwide from both Energy Plus and You can, however, also choose to upload your own EPW weather file. Our tool can be used to analyze and visualize data contained in EnergyPlus Weather (EPW) files. It furthermore calculates a number of climate-related values (i.e.

Virtual Green Building Tours for Safe Inspiration

Building tours: they’ve been a vital educational component of green building from day one. But now COVID-19 has made them unsafe. Thanks to the Sustainability Leader Peer Networks we help convene, BuildingGreen has compiled a list of online tours and other videos that you can view from the safety of home.