2021 SBSE Student Retreat Scholarships

The Society of Building Science Educators (SBSE) is pleased to announce it will provide up to six scholarships to qualified students to help defray the cost of attending the 2020 SBSE Retreat. Each scholarship will cover the on-site retreat costs (including lodging, several meals, and retreat materials) and provide some support toward travel expenses.

A scholarship applicant must be a Student Member of SBSE. Not a member? Students can join for $15 a year. Each scholarship recipient will be asked to renew his/her membership when registering for the retreat. Recipients will be required to pay a substantially reduced retreat registration fee of $25, and are responsible for arranging their own travel arrangements to/from the retreat site. Applicants are encouraged to seek additional support from their home institutions (department, college and/or university) to help defray travel expenses beyond the amount provided by the scholarship.

It is the intention of this scholarship to provide $775 in total support per recipient. The regular registration fee is $350 and includes lodging. Each recipient will pay a nominal $25 registration fee. The net travel funding available to each scholarship student is thus $400.

In summary, scholarship recipients will:

  • have a portion of the retreat registration fee paid directly to the SBSE retreat organizers on their behalf
  • receive the balance to use for other expenses (to be awarded via check during the retreat)
  • pay out-of-pocket a $25 registration fee and all travel expenses

Failure to attend and fully participate in retreat activities will void the scholarship offer.

These scholarships are offered to provide support for students who are interested in teaching environmental control systems (or a closely related area of building science). Retreat scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis following review of all applications received by the deadline. Late applications will not be considered.

Applications for retreat scholarships will be evaluated with the following criteria in mind:

  1. an applicant must be a graduate student or recent masters/doctoral graduate, who at the time of applying for this scholarship, is not yet engaged in practice and/or full-time teaching,
  2. an applicant should have prior (preferred) or impending experience as a teaching assistant in an environmental control systems (or related building science) course,
  3. an applicant will make a convincing case that they are potentially interested in pursuing a teaching career in building sciences and will benefit from retreat participation,
  4. the selection process will favor those who have never attended an SBSE retreat, geographic diversity among applicants, and balanced representation from institutions—assuming all other selection criteria have been successfully addressed.

A reminder: the intent of this scholarship program is to provide support for students interested in teaching environmental systems who have limited institutional resources at their disposal. The program is not targeted at faculty or design professionals who are gainfully employed.

How to Apply

Please visit the following form to submit your application:

   Scholarship Application Form

Application deadline: 

Selection/notification of scholarship recipients:

Applications will consist of an electronically submitted form that provides the information requested and addresses the points set forward in the evaluation criteria. Personal and Impact Statements are of particular interest to the selection committee. 

Late applications will not be accepted.

Scholarship Coordinator (inquiries only):
Jonathan Bean (j.bean@arizona.edu)