ASES Conference, WREF 2012, Denver, CO

Award Recipients

University of Oregon

“A Study of Daylight Effectiveness and Electrical Lighting Use Patterns in a Middle School”

Technion-Isreal Institute of Technology

ASES/WREF2012: “A Knowledge Based Computer-Aided Design Tool for Water Efficient Design of Sustainable Green Open Spaces” 

North Carolina State University

“The Impact of Roofing Configuration on the Daylighting Performance of Skylights in Offices”

University of Nevada Las Vegas

ASES 2004 Best Paper: “Development and Validation of a Thermal Network Model to Predict Indoor Operative Temperatures in Dry Roofpond Buildings” 

University of Southern California

ASES/WREF 2012: “Optimizing Ventilation Shaft Volumes and Varying Opening Sizes Can Increase Effective Time Period for Natural Ventilation” 

University of California-Berkeley (2013)
University of Oregon (2011-12)

Best Paper Award ASES/WREF 2012: “Solar Ice Cream: Achieving Net-Zero Through an Integrated Retrofit Approach”

Texas A&M University

“From Static to Kinetic: A Review of Acclimated Kinetic Building Envelopes”