Jeffrey Cook Student Travel Award

Jeffrey Cook Travel Scholarships for students attending the PLEA conference

Award Recipients

Architectural Association, London, UK

“Developing Free-running Prototypes for Different Climates of Chile”

University of Nottingham, UK

“Improving Ventilation Condition of Labour-intensive Garment Factories in Bangladesh”

University of Cambridge, UK

“A New Subjective-objective Approach to Evaluating Lighting Quality: A Case Study of Concert Lighting for Cambridge King’s College Chapel”

Award Recipients

University of Southern California

 “A Parametric Fenestration Design Approach for Optimizing Thermal and Daylighting Performance in Complex Urban Settings"

Virginia Tech 2010, 2014
North South University in Dhaka, Bangladesh 2008

ASES Solar 2014: “A Framework to Support the Development of Manually Adjustable Light Shelf Technologies”

University of Southern California

“Performance of Double Skin Façades: Effects on Daylight and Visual Comfort in Office Spaces”

University of Nevada-Las Vegas

“Assessment of Passive Solar Heating Retrofit Opportunities in Existing Residential Buildings in Las Vegas”

Award Recipients

Virginia Tech

ASES Solar 2015: “Student-Driven Design in Architecture: Interacting with Passive Solar Techniques and Reclaimed Materials

University of Oregon

Solar 2009: "Cool Roof, Green Roof"

University of California-Berkeley

Delft University of Technology

University of Oregon