SBSE Retreat 2002

Tue, Jun 11 - Fri, Jun 14
Sorensen's Resort 14255 Highway 88 Hope Valley, CA

Ecological Literacy: Greening the Architecture Curriculum

Sorensen's entry and patio

Ecological Literacy: Greening the Architectural Curriculum

 The 2002 SBSE Retreat will explore the role of ecological literacy in architectural education. What is ecological literacy? What does an architect need to know to create environmentally appropriate designs? How should ecological literacy be taught in schools of architecture?

The aim of the retreat is to address the broad issue of what ecological literacy is and how it can be integrated into architectural education, as well as to generate models for altering and improving current curriculum. An opening discussion will cover the more theoretical questions of ecological literacy while working sessions will be organized to provide participatory and critical reviews of existing and proposed models for greening the architectural curriculum.

We are seeking proposals (due March 1) from faculty or students for the retreat for the following components:
1.    Prospects for Ecological Design Education
We are looking for two or three insightful essays on ecological design education that can frame our discussion and developmental work during the retreat.
2.    Greening Your Curriculum
We are seeking three or four curricular approaches, or specific courses, to be the focus of critique and redesign by retreat participants.
3.    Elegant Parts
We are requesting four or five effective and engaging tools or class exercises, those that work particularly well at fostering ecoliteracy, for a session on teaching methodologies.

Event Coordination

Content Coordinators

Sandra Mallory Environmental Works
Mark Dekay  University of Tennessee

Logistics Coordinator

 Robert Marcial    University of California, Berkeley


Sorensen's Resort
14255 Highway 88
Hope Valley, CA 
Tel: (800) 423.9949
Sorensen’s Resort, elevation 7,000 feet, is nestled in California’s serene Hope Valley, a pristine pocket among the Sierra Nevada, approximately 20 miles south of Lake Tahoe. The resort is a 4-hour drive from San Francisco, 2 hours from Sacramento, and 1¼ hours from Reno, NV. 

Sorensen's offers a wide variety of cabin types and sizes. We have reserved twenty-two cabins for meeting and sleeping accommodations. The folks at Sorensen's are accustomed to hosting groups small and large. They have been very accommodating in all of our requests thus far and are looking forward to hosting our retreat. Perhaps not as large as past retreat sites, Sorensen's will be cozy, practical and memorable.
The nearby Sierras should prove to be great places for hiking, fishing or just relaxing in between sessions. Participants will also have the opportunity to hear a knowledgeable Sierra local give a walking history tour of the Hope Valley area. If you're planning on coming and want to get a jump start on getting to know the area, you might want to refer to Alpine Trailblazer by Jerry and Janine Sprout. There's a whole chapter on the Hope Valley area.

Call for Submissions

Request for Propsosals
Ecological Literacy: Greening the Architectural Curriculum
Proposals due: March 1
Submit to: Sandra Mallory and Mark Dekay

RFP 1: Prospects for Ecological Design Education
We are looking for two or three insightful essays on ecological design education that can frame our discussion and developmental work during the retreat. Essays can be of any written length, but each will be presented in a 30 minute period, with extended follow-up discussion. Final essays will be due before the retreat for advance distribution to participants. Papers will be published via the SBSE web site. Each essay should address the following:
1.     Your current (concise) understanding of the ground and defining characteristics of ecological design.
2.     Shortcomings and causes of the contemporary dominant design education model(s) in educating students capable of designing ecologically. Keep it to the most important few.
3.     The most important necessary changes to design education to address these shortcomings. Keep it to the most important few.
4.     Proposals on how SBSE could best leverage and help initiate the changes proposed.
Please submit a one-page (500-600) word abstract summarizing your essay.
RFP 2: Greening Your Curriculum
We are seeking three or four curricular approaches, or specific courses, to be the focus of critique and redesign by retreat participants. The value for presenters is the feedback available from SBSE's hundreds of collective years of educational experience. Each of the four presenters will document their existing course, entire curriculum (B. Arch, post-professional M. Arch, etc.), or portion of a curriculum (3rd year curriculum, studio sequence, etc.) and present to the participants. Come prepared to outline the current educational objectives, content, pedagogic structure, teaching approach, learning methods, and any relevant evaluation results - along with proposed new learning objectives.
A written and graphic documentation will be required before the retreat for advance distribution to participants. Your presentation should include a critique of the existing course or curriculum and three important educational questions to frame participants' responses. We will then structure one or more extended sessions to scheme and outline new or revised alternative approaches to your course(s). These will focus on producing useful products that you can take back and implement.Notes and graphics from your session will be recorded, and you will be expected to write, with the assistance of your scribe, a summary report on the outcomes of your session. Both course presentation and session outcomes will be published via the SBSE web site.
Please submit an abstract of your course(s) and educational questions proposed for the retreat. Include a statement addressing how examining your course or curriculum might be instructive to other SBSE members.
RFP 3: Elegant Parts
One session during the retreat will be focused on sharing effective and engaging tools or class exercises. Do you have a favorite teaching or learning method that works particularly well at fostering ecoliteracy, redirecting perception from objects to relationships, building an appreciation of nature, or generating green design concepts? Would you like to share how you have taught about the living processes in buildings or how buildings can respond to their living context?
Submit your idea and get an official SBSE retreat soapbox (or the use of one for 15 minutes). We are specifically looking for tools, design processes, teaching tricks, faculty meeting political tactics, and learning methods that go beyond the familiar and published approaches to improving efficiency or evaluating performance in an ECS class or studio. This could be: ways to engage the interconnectedness of issues, ways to understand familiar approaches within their ecological context, ways to establish fundamental ecoliterate idea webs, etc. Be prepared to provide your audience with everything necessary to steal your idea and propagate it in their own school.

Each participant will contribute to a collective bibliograghy of pertinent sources.

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PDF icon Subjective Survey33.76 KB
PDF icon Second Nature Wingspread Report149.88 KB


Tuesday, June 11
3:00 pm (approx.)    Check-in
If you arrive early and want to kill some time, Caples Lake is just 15 miles southwest of Sorensens! 

6:00 pm    Dinner (not sponsored)

8:30 pm SBSE Participants only    
Introductory Program and self-introductions by way of your Ecological literacy reading

Wednesday, June 12
8:00 am    Breakfast

9:00 am - noon SBSE Participants only    
Prospects for Ecological Design Education - Position Paper Presentations & Discussion

  • Katy Janda, Oberlin College, Prospects for Ecological Design
  • Christopher Theis, Louisiana State University, Prospects for Ecological Design Education
  • Steven Moore, University of Texas, The Disciplinary Blinders that Enframe Sustainable Design

12:30 pm    Lunch

2:00 - 5:00 pm    Greening Your Curriculum - Concurrent Sessions

  • Jim Wasley, University of Wisconsin, Greening of the Campus
  • Yelena Chenchik, University of Idaho, Russian Architectural Curriculum

6:30 pm    Sponsored Group Dinner

8:00 pm SBSE Participants only    

Elegant Parts - Teaching Tools

  • Tang Lee, University of Calgary, Eco-Attitude 
  • Bruce Haglund, University of Idaho, Tool Days 
  • Harvey Bryan, Arizona State University, eQuest
  • Ben Shepard, RMI, Green Development 

Thursday, June 13

8:00 am    Breakfast

9:00 am - noon    Greening Your Curriculum - Concurrent Sessions

  • Kuppu Iyengar & Steve Dent, University of New Mexico, Integration of Sustainability: Design and Technology Studio
  • Nate Krug, University of Nebraska, Daylighting and Energy

12:30 pm    Lunch

1:30 pm    Environmental History Tour led by Frank Tortorich

5:30 pm    Open Session

6:30 pm    Sponsored Group Dinner

8:00 pm SBSE Participants only    
Greening Your Curriculum - Lessons Learned/Next Steps
Friday, June 14

8:00 am    Breakfast

9:00 am - 11 am    2003 Retreat Planning

12:00 pm    Check-out, Good-Bye's and travel to Tool Day



     Participant    University / Affiliation    Cabin

1.    Diane Armpriest    University of Idaho, Moscow    Cedar
2.    Leonard Bachman    University of Houston    Willow
3.    Harvey Bryan    Arizona State University, Tempe    Rockcreek
4.    Brooks Cavin    CSU Cal Poly, Pomona    Silvertip
5.    Cathy Corlett    CSU Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo    Tanglewood
6.    Yelena Chenchik    University of Idaho, Moscow    Knotty Pine
7.    Elizabeth Cordero    Massachusetts Institute of Technology    Ponderosa
8.    Mark DeKay    University of Tennessee    Homestead
9.    Steven Dent    University of New Mexico, Albuquerque    Willow
10.    Ihab Elzeyadi    University of Oregon, Eugene    Log

11.    Michael Garrison    University of Texas, Austin    Juniper
12.    Bruce Haglund    University of Idaho, Moscow    Aspen
13.    Lisa Heschong    Heschong Mohone Group    Larkspur
14.    Kuppu Iyegar    University of New Mexico, Albuquerque    Log
15.    Kathryn Janda    Oberlin College    Ponderosa
16.    Nate Krug    University of Nebraska    Lupine
17.    Alison Kwok    University of Oregon, Eugene    Wa-She-Shu
18.    Pablo La-Roche    University of California, L.A.    Creekside
19.    Matt Larson    University of Oregon, Eugene    Creekside
20.    Norbert Lechner    Auburn University    Juniper
21.    Tang Lee    University of Calgary    Aspen
22.    Vidar Lerum    Arizona State University, Tempe    Rockcreek
23.    Jane Lin    University of California, Berkeley    Knottypine
24.    Sandra Mallory    Environmental Works    Wa-She-Shu
25.    Robert Marcial    University of California, Berkeley    Dancehall
26.    Angie Matt    University of Oregon, Eugene    Knottypine
27.    Maurya McClintock    Arup Associates    Cedar
28.    Margot McDonald    CSU Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo    Tanglewood
29.    Fuller Moore    Miami University    Sheepherder
30.    Steven Moore    University of Texas, Austin    Sierra House
31.    Troy Peters    University of Oregon, Eugene    Snowshoe
32.    Alan Purvis    Kansas State University    Sierra House
33.    Steve Sandifer    University of California, LA    Wagon Wheel
34.    Marc Schiller    University of Southern California    Homestead
35.    Ben Shepard    Rocky Mountain Institute    Snowshoe
36.    Suvira Shyamlee    Arizona State University, Tempe    Knottypine
37.    Fang Sui    University of Southern California    Dancehall
38.    Christopher Theis    Louisiana State University    Silvertip
39.    Mike Utzinger    University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee    Harmony House
40.    Jim Wasley    University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee    Harmony House

Ecoliteracy Student Scholarships

SBSE is thankful to all students (and their supportive professors) who applied for our retreat and travel scholarships. We are especially proud to have awarded scholarships to the following students:

SBSE Scholarship & Travel Scholarship

  • Yelena Chenchik - University of Idaho
  • Troy Peters - University of Oregon

Travel Scholarships to ASES

  • Martha Breed, University of Oregon
  • Joshua Cohen, University of Oregon
  • Vinay Ghatti, Arizona State University

SBSE Scholarship

  • Pablo M. La Roche - University of California, Los Angeles
  • Jane Lin - University of California, Berkeley
  • Suvira Shyamlee - Arizona State University
  • Fang Sui - University of Southern California

Each student has or will be notified individually with more details about the amount awarded and how to go about claiming your scholarship.
Many congrats!


PDF icon Attendees' combined bibliography61.02 KB

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