SBSE Retreat 2001

Sat, Jun 09 - Tue, Jun 12
Redfish Lake Lodge, Stanley, Idaho

Cultivating Teaching Building Technology

Redfish lake Lodge and General Store

From June 9 through June 12, 2001, SBSEers will return to a beautiful rustic retreat setting, a tradition enjoyed for many of our past 15 summers. Redfish Lake Lodge is located approximately 60 miles north of Sun Valley, Idaho, hard against the eastern flank of the Sawtooth Mountains at ~6,500' elevation. Our retreat is organized around nurturing new and future teachers of architectural technology and design. The retreat’s pace will allow time for extended interpersonal exchange—we’ll launch the day after fishing and breakfast with focus sessions during the morning, use outdoor activities during the afternoon to foster and maintain our networks, and wrap up each day with after-dinner presentations of special topics. The lodge provides many nooks and crannies for small gatherings of zealots to exchange ideas. We will build on last year’s successful scholarship program for students: This year we’ll host up to six students who have a keen interest in teaching environmental control systems. 

At our rustic getaway, we will:

  • share teaching materials, learning exercises, course designs, and design projects that link ECS topics with design intent 
  • discuss the future of environmental technology teaching—Who are we hiring; how are they trained? Over 20 architecture schools are seeking architectural technology teachers. How will we meet this need?
  • hear faculty, students, and invited guests talk about current research projects and on-going scholarly work.

Session Themes

Session 1  Teaching Tools for the Next Generation
Guide retreat participants through exercises, activities, and projects that you’ve found successful. Supply handouts for participants, provide real experiences using your process.

  •    Hands-On Exercises (e.g., constructing lighting fixtures, testing acoustic models)
  •    A One-Day Building Investigation
  •    Latest Data Logger Technology (Onset Corp. invited)

Session 2  Innovative Course Models
Share an idea for studio or ECS that integrates design and technology. Describe a seminar/studio where you’ve made significant changes to the curriculum.

  •    University Studio Models Integrating Technology and Design
  •    Precedent through Case Studies
  •    Lessons from the Retreat 2000 Design Charette

Session 3  Evaluating Teaching Success
What are the indicators of changes in learning and teaching? How do we measure successful experiences in architectural education? Help us demystify and understand teacher–student dynamics through a seminar, report, or workshop.

  •    Vital Signs Evaluation (Bruce Matsui, FIPSE project evaluator, invited)
  •    Sharing Student Evaluations
  •    Learning Style Inventory

Session 4  Mentors for New Faculty and TAs
SBSE provides a support network for new faculty. How are new faculty guided/coached at your school? Describe and report on your institution’s efforts to encourage students to enter teaching.

  •    U.C. Berkeley’s GSI Prep Course (Cris Benton, Robert Marcial)
  •    Agents of Change FIPSE Project (Alison Kwok)
  •    University of Oregon Teaching Effectiveness Program (Ed Allen and John Reynolds)

Roundtable Discussions
Suggest a hot topic to gather perspectives from your SBSE colleagues in an informal setting.

  •    Publishing Ideas (Amanda Miller, Sr. Editor, Wiley & Sons)
  •    Over 20 architecture schools are seeking candidates for architectural technology positions. How do we meet this need?
  •    Future retreat ideas (Mary Guzowski)

Event Coordination

Program Coordinator— Alison Kwok, University of Oregon

Site Coordinator— Bruce Haglund, University of Idaho

Fish Head— G. Z. Brown University of Oregon 


All retreat activities will center around Redfish Lake Lodge near Stanley, Idaho. Check out the Redfish Lake Lodge website for detailed description of facilities and activities. Meals and meetings will be held in the lodge dining room. Breakout sessions can be accommodated throughout the lodge and the grounds. Network building and spontaneous recreational activities may occur on the lake and in the wilderness surrounding the lodge. There is a small general store adjacent to the lodge to indulge your commercial desires.

This year's retreat is designed to for all SBSEers who want to attend, and it is family-friendly.  We have reserved a block of seven cabins with two or three sleeping rooms each (Rustic or Fishhook cabins, respectively). Your application to the retreat will help us identify potential cabin mates for you. Reservations for our reserved block are first-come, first-served, beginning January 2. Once the block is filled, we will have to compete with the general public for room reservations. Redfish Lake Lodge insists that we book and guarantee our block of rooms with full payment by check by March 2. Act quickly. We have designed the retreat to accommodate all who apply, but the lodge does have a finite number of beds. We encourage you to extend your stay beyond the dates of the retreat, especially if you bring your family.

Alternatively, you may want to camp in one of the several campgrounds adjacent to the lodge. These campgrounds are NOT administered by Redfish Lake Lodge. Please call 1-877-444-6777 or go to Reserve USA for reservations.

We will provide barbeque dinners on Sunday and Monday nights. All other meals are at your own expense and may be ordered from the lodge’s moderately priced menu. 

If you fly into Sun Valley/Hailey, we'll shuttle you 60 miles—up the Wood River Valley, over Galena Pass, and through the Stanley Basin to Redfish Lake.
If you fly into Boise, you’ll have to rent a car and enjoy a scenic 120 mile drive on State Highway 21 to Stanley and down State Highway 75 a few miles to the retreat.

The lodging fee for our reserved cabins is $180 for each bedroom for all three nights. The retreat fee of $100 includes 2 BBQ dinners, retreat materials, and shuttle transportation to/from Sun Valley/Hailey airport. Your family members may join the group for the BBQs @ $25 per person per meal. Therefore, the minimum cost for the retreat is $280 (unless you decide to camp).

Call for Submissions

You have several options for participation. Simply come to share ideas, volunteer to moderate a session or roundtable, or present your ideas in one of the sessions. If you choose the latter, submit a one-page proposal for any of the suggested sessions along with your registration. If there are enough proposals, two concurrent sessions will be held during each time slot on Sunday and Monday. To get a taste of recent SBSE retreats see the photo essays from the 1998 and 1999 retreats and read retreat reports in the fall and summer issues of SBSE News.

We've appointed G. Z. Brown <> as Fish Head to answer all your fishing questions and cater to all your fishing needs. If you'd like to go on a dry fly excursion with the Fish Head e-mail him now! Idaho fishing licenses ($13 for 3-day adult license) are available at the Redfish Lake General Store.


Registration Form
SBSE Summer Retreat, Redfish Lake, Idaho, June 9–12, 2001

 Volunteer for all that apply:

  • Participant—that's everyone!
  • Session Moderator
  • Roundtable Moderator
  • Scholarship Recipient Presenter—Find your niche among the proposed session topics or suggest a new one. Attach a 1-page proposal outlining your idea for the retreat. 

Questions, comments, and suggestions? Send to Alison Kwok <>

Address Line 1:                                                                                                            
Address Line 2:                                                                                                            
City, State, Zip, Country:                                                                                                            
Special Diet                                                                                                               
Others who will travel and stay with you:                                                                                                     

Arrival Date/Time:_______________ Airline Flight # :_______________
     Sun Valley/Hailey

Will rent a car:   Yes     No

Need a ride from Sun Valley/Hailey:   Yes   No 

Airports that serve Redfish Lake Lodge:
 • Boise 
 • Sun Valley/Hailey
REGISTRATION & RESERVATION DEADLINE: Friday, March 2, 2001. Please register now! Your early commitment will assure maximum participation. We have a block of seven cabins reserved for SBSEers and lodge rooms for scholarship students. Redfish Lake Lodge requires that we surrender unreserved cabins from our block on March 2. If we need more space or if you commit after March 2, we must compete with the general public for room reservations.

Participant Registration     US$100           ________
or Scholarship Student     US$25           ________
Lodging Fee per Bedroom      US$180       # ____      ________
BBQ Guests    US$25/meal          
Sunday    # ____      ________
Monday    # ____      ________
Total Fee          ________
Return this form and full registration fee payable to SBSE to:

Bruce Haglund 
Department of Architecture
University of Idaho
PO Box 442451
Moscow, ID 83844-2451

Phone: 208.885.6781; Fax: 208.885.9428; e-mail:


  Sat, June 9 Sun, June 10 Mon, June 11 Tues, June 12




prime fishing time

Breakfast on own

prime fishing time

Breakfast on own

prime fishing time

Breakfast on own

8:30-9:30A Key to Tracks:
A: Teaching Tools
B: Course Models
C: Research
D: Curricular Integration

Track A: Sun Wind and Light (DeKay)

Track D: Integrated Studio (Theodoropoulos)

Track A: Acoustical Gadgets (Gold)

Track C: Radiant Phenomenon (Bryan, Scheatzle)

Final Session: Student Perspectives

Group Photo


Track A: Heliodons (Lechner)

Track B: Best Teaching  (Kwok)

Track A: Checklists (Haglund)

Track B: UCB GSI Course (Benton, Marcial)

Shuttles to Sun Valley and Boise

Track A: Fisheyes (Benton, Marcial)

Track B: UO Teaching Program (Allen, Reynolds, Theodoropoulos)

Track C: Sustainable Communities (Gold)

Track D: Integration Itself (Clark)

Lunch on own on own on own

Shuttles from Sun Valley and Boise

Network building through fishing, hiking, boating, biking, riding*

Network building*


2:00-6:00P Check in


Shuttle from Sun Valley

Check in


Dinner on own BBQ Dinner

BBQ Dinner

8:00-9:30P Evening Program
Redfish Lake Lodge
Self Introductions
Teaching Exchange
Evening Program
Redfish Lake Lodge
Publishing Opportunities (Miller)
Evening Program
Redfish Lake Lodge
AOC and Evaluation (Kwok, Matsui, Rachford)
  *Suggested network building activities:
·   Hiking the Fishhook Creek or Bench Lake trails, starts near Lodge, no charge
·   Lake Cruises on Lady of the Lake 12-1:30 pm or 3-4:30 pm, $8
·   Shuttle to trailhead on Lady of the Lake 1:30 pm, pick-up 5 pm, $5 each way
·   Horseback riding from Redfish Lake Corrals 1:00 or 3:00 pm, 1½ hour Ridge tour, $32
·   Horseback riding from Redfish Lake Corrals 1:00 pm, 3 hour Bench Lake tour, $62
·   Mountain biking, rentals from the Lodge whole day $25, half day $15
·   Hanging out on the beach or the porch, refreshments available, no charge
·   Beach volleyball and horseshoes, equipment at the Lodge, no charge
·   Fishing, casting, exaggerating with the fish head, license required

Check the Redfish Lake Lodge activities web site for details and alternatives.
 Sorry Alison, no tennis!


NAME AFFILIATION e-mail address
Allen, Ed  Blissful in Massachusetts
Benton, Cris  University of California Berkeley 
Brown, G.Z. Charlie  University of Oregon 
Bryan, Harvey Arizona State University
Cernusak, Andrea University of Idaho
Chandra, Mona Jacobs Engineering Group
Chenchik, Yelena University of Idaho
Clark, Paul North Carolina Charlotte
DeKay, Mark University of Tennessee
Deutsch, Anne University of Oregon
Gold, Martin University of Florida
Grondzik, Walter Florida A&M University
Haglund, Bruce University of Idaho
Hartman, Greg University of Oregon
Hui, Sam University of Hong Kong
Kwok, Alison University of Oregon
Lavine, Lance University of Minnesota
Lechner, Norbert Auburn University
Mallory, Sandra Environmental Works smallory
Mansy, Khaled Illinois Institute of Technology
Marcial, Robert University of California Berkeley
Matsui, Bruce Claremont Graduate University
McDonald, Margot Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Miller, Amanda John Wiley & Sons
Peffer, Therese  Levy Art & Architecture
Peters, Troy University of Oregon
Purvis, Alan Alan Purvis, Architect
Rachford, Jennifer Claremont Graduate University
Rajkovich, Nick University of Oregon
Reynolds, John University of Oregon
Sandifer, Steve UCLA
Scheatzle, Dave  Arizona State University
Sun, Frank University of Hong Kong
Theodoropoulos, Christine University of Oregon
Thomson, Gregory University of Oregon
Tugaoen, Mimi University of Idaho
Wasley, Jim University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Wright, Jim Southern Illinois University

Additional Information