SBSE Retreat 2000

Thu, Jun 22 - Sun, Jun 25
Taliesin Spring Green, WI

The Art and Science of Design
Spring Green WI
June 22-25, 2000

En Charette at Hillside

The summer 2000 SBSE Retreat will examine architectural design as a process and a product, design as a human endeavor that involves subjective and objective judgements based on the art and science of creative scheming and building technology.

A full day will be dedicated to design charettes. Groups either will tackle new schematic design problems or critique and redesign existing buildings. Results will be presented, displayed, and critiqued. The retreat will conclude with a group discussion about design and technology education.

Event Coordination

Program coordinator: Emad Afifi, SCAD

Logistics coordinator: Jim Wasley, UW Milwaukee

Call for Submissions

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Thursday, June 22

2:00p.m. Arrive to Madison/Spring Green. Check in starts.
7:00p.m. Dinner
8:30p.m. Evening Program: (coordinators: Emad Afifi and Jim Wasley)

  • New members and guests welcome
  • Introductions, Logistics, Cheers

Friday, June 23

7:00-8:30 Breakfast
8:30-10:00 Session I: Architectural Design and the Design Process
(panel: Harvey Bryan, Tabar Messadi, David Pierson, Chris Theis, Victor
Olgyay, Sandra Mallory, Emad Afifi ... )

  • Design as Process and Product
  • Objectivity and Subjectivity in Design
  • Architecture and Building Performance
  • Learning and Evaluation within the Design Process
  • New Aesthetic Possibilities in Architecture

10:00-10:30 Break
10:30-12:00 Session II: Course Outlines and Student Projects
(coordinator: Jim Wasley)
All participants are asked to present project and course outlines and to provide
10-20 slides of student work. Copies of project and course outlines will be
handed out to all participants. Slide presentations of student work (3-5 min. each)
are optional.
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-2:30 Session III: Design Teaching Models
(coordinator: Bruce Haglund, Harvey Bryan, Scott Wing, Stephen Dent, Sandra
Mallory, Veronica Soebarto?)

  • University of Idaho Model (Bruce Haglund)
  • Adelaide University Model (Veronica Soebarto?)
  • Integrating Technology and Design
  • Architecture, Technology, and Environment
  • Design Research

3:00p.m. Tour/Site seeing/Canoe the Wisconsin River
(coordinator: Jim Wasley. All welcome!)
6:00p.m. Reception with Taliesin

8:30p.m. Evening Program: Overview of Design Charrette Projects
(coordinators: Emad Afifi, Simone Medio)
Two project options will be introduced for the design charrette on Saturday.

  • Project Track-!: Schematic Design
  • Project Track-II: Design Review and Development

Participants will choose either track and form teams of two or three participants
each. Taliesin students may join teams on Saturday.

Saturday, June 24

7:00-8:30 Breakfast
8:30-12:00 Session IV: Design Charrettes
(coordinators: Emad Afifi, Huy Ngo, Simone Medio)
(Coffee, refreshments, light snacks will be available during charrettes)--?
Track-I: Schematic Design
Track-II: Design Development
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-2:00 Charrette Finishing and Pin-up
2:00-3:30 Session V: Charrette Team Presentations: Track-I
(coordinator: to be determined at the retreat)
3:30-4:00 Break
4:00-5:30 Session VI: Charrette Team Presentations: Track-II
(coordinator: to be determined at the retreat)
7:00p.m. Dinner
8:30p.m. Evening Program: Recap and Plans for Next Retreat
(coordinator: Mike Utzinger, Bruce Haglund?)


1. Simone Medio Savannah College of Art & Design
2· Chris Theis Louisiana State University
3. David .Pearson Coal Valley, IL
4· Harvey Bryan Arizona State University
5· Murray Milne UCLA
6. Bruce Haglund University of Idaho
7· Stephen Dent, University of New Mexico
8. Scott WIng University of Arkansas (no show)
9. Larry 0. Degelman ·Texas A&M University
10. Tahar Messadi Georgia Tech
11. Wendy Talarico McGraw-Hill Construction Information Group
12. Victor Olgyay University of Hawaii at Manoa
13 Sandra Mallory Slippery Rock University
I4. Huy Sinh Ngo Savannah College of Art & Design
15. Emad Afifi Savannah College of Art & Design
16. James Wasley University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee
17. Elizabeth Holt Student, University of Calgary
18. I-Hsin Chiang Student, University of Hawaii
19. Suvira Shyamlee Student, Arizona State University
20. Mike Utzinger University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee
21. MatTaylor Student, Univerity of Oregon (no show)
22. Rachel Joanna Bannon Student, UC Berkeley
23 Steven Sandifer Student, UCLA