WUFI Passive - notes on every input for building a PHIUS+ 2015 or PHIUS+ 2018 energy model

An 11-page Word doc meant to help a novice to intermediate user identify and describe every input field and option in the WUFI Passive energy modeling software.

Screenshot of the WUFI Passive Software

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This is meant as an item-by-item inventory of every input required in WUFI Passive. I've added notes to help a new user understand the information that WUFI Passive and PHIUS require. This is very much a beta-quality resource -- there are probably a few entries that could use further clarification, if not outright correction, so please let me know how to improve it.

Also, I've registered the site wufitips.com, with the intention of posting short screenshot videos explaining some of WUFI Passive's somewhat hidden features, such as the "Assign data…" button. Drop me a line if you'd like to collaborate on that project!