CBE Climate Tool

The CBE Clima Tool is a web-based application built to support climate analysis specifically designed to support the need of architects and engineers interested in climate-adapted design.

The CBE Clima Tool allows users to analyze the climate data of more than 27,500 locations worldwide from both Energy Plus and Climate.One.Building.org. You can, however, also choose to upload your own EPW weather file. Our tool can be used to analyze and visualize data contained in EnergyPlus Weather (EPW) files. It furthermore calculates a number of climate-related values (i.e. solar azimuth and altitude, Universal Thermal Climate Index (UTCI), comfort indices, etc.) that are not contained in the EPW files but can be derived from the information therein contained. It can be freely accessed at clima.cbe.berkeley.edu

If you use this tool please consider citing us:

  • Betti, G., Tartarini, F., Schiavon, S., Nguyen, C. (2021). CBE Clima Tool. Version 0.4.6. Center for the Built Environment, University of California Berkeley. https://clima.cbe.berkeley.edu 

The CBE Clima Tool is open source. We have released the source code on a public repository.

We welcome contributions from the community.

Clima has been made possible by the support of the Centre for the Built Environment at UC Berkeley and SinBerBEST. The tool was developed by: Giovanni Betti, Christine Nguyen, Federico Tartarini. We also would like to thank Stefano Schiavon for his guidance and support.