Pilkington Sun Angle Calculator

The Sun Angle Calculator is a handy tool that provides a relatively simple method of determining solar geometry variables for architectural design, such as designing shading devices or locating the position of the sun relative to a particular latitude and time.

Pilkington Glass has kindly granted permission to SBSE to reproduce and distribute the Pilkington Sun Angle Calculator. This is a fantastic graphical design and analysis tool beloved by thousands of architects and engineers. Information on ordering copies of the Sun Angle Calculator and accessing the online manual "Designing with the Pilkington Sun Angle Calculator" will be found on the

Sun Angle Calculator Page

Regeneration-Based Checklist for Design and Construction

The SBSE version of the Malcolm Wells Wilderness-Based Checklist for Design and Construction is available in multiple languages. Environmentally sensitive construction is a global issue, perhaps an existential issue.

A Regeneration-Based Checklist for Design and Construction

If you would like to volunteer to translate the checklist into another language, download the original Excel version. Please send the translated version to Bruce Haglund for posting. Please have at least one other person check your translation to ensure accuracy.

WUFI Passive - notes on every input for building a PHIUS+ 2015 or PHIUS+ 2018 energy model

An 11-page Word doc meant to help a novice to intermediate user identify and describe every input field and option in the WUFI Passive energy modeling software.

This is meant as an item-by-item inventory of every input required in WUFI Passive. I've added notes to help a new user understand the information that WUFI Passive and PHIUS require. This is very much a beta-quality resource -- there are probably a few entries that could use further clarification, if not outright correction, so please let me know how to improve it.