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Reflections on BEEnow

Many of you are familiar with the BEEnow rating system for schools of architecture. It is being developed and promoted by SBSE colleague Norbert Lechner and other thought leaders to reward architecture schools for excellence in educating for carbon-neutral design—and to thereby encourage such excellence among other architecture programs.

Review: PLDC 2017 - Paris, France

Lighting educators met on 1 Nov in a pre-conference session moderated by Alison Ritter and Malcolm Innes, who began with an update of the work achieved by a Think/Do Tank on the lighting profession and lighting education. Guest speaker Natalia Bystryantseva, Head of the Art & Science Institute and Director of the Creative Lighting Design (CLD) program at ITMO University in St.

New Membership Portal

Wild Apricot will send you gentle reminders to re-up your dues every year. We've created accounts for current and recently elapsed members (since 2010) based on their reported e-mail addresses. Beginning now, you all can renew through June 21, 2015 for $50 whether you have an account or not. We have also established 3-year ($120) and lifetime ($500) memberships for the budget-oriented and the faithful. Student dues remain at $15 and developing country memberships are still free.