Editing Content

Editing Content

Content created (saved) by a user can be edited and managed at any later point. Users can find and access their content through the menu item "My Account -> My Content" in the upper right corner.

The content table lists

  • the linked title (click-able to directly access the content),
  • the content type,
  • the publication status
  • a direct "edit" link

Content can also be edited directly from a page the user owns (or has rights to edit), which is indicated through the availability of tabbed links on top of the content:

Content management systems require a different way of thinking in terms of content preparation. Since content is stored in a database and not in a single file, it is broken down in entities that can later be searched and categorized. Thus, there are several field types that offer different input options, ranging from single line text input fields, to advanced text input areas utilizing a word editor, or fields providing different options for image and file uploads.

Working with the Text Editor

The advanced text editor found in larger text fields follows the WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) principle and shows text closely as it will be displayed later on the site. Still, the final rendering may differ as underlying stylesheets have an effect on the final representations.

To learn more about the features of the text editor visit this link: The Text Editor

Image Upload

Images carry a lot information and thus provide a way to quickly guide the user. Images can be uploaded from a file on your local drive, can be copied from a file at another URL on the web, or if supported by your browser even pasted from your clipboard.

To learn more about image upload options visit this link: Uploading Images

Content Management

In edit mode, the user now has also access to:

  • a Preview button - to evaluate the appearance of the content before the final update
  • a Delete button - to permanently remove the content (including any attachments)
  • an Unpublish button - to hide the content from being listed and accessible by anyone else