How to add a Retreat Page

Create a New Retreat

The form to create a new Retreat page contains the following fields:


This will be the name under which the retreat will be listed - in line with past retreats this would be "SBSE Retreat 20xx".


This field usually holds the slogan / sub title of the annual retreat. While the field only allows simple text input it will maintain line breaks as an option to format the header in some way - e.g.:

Shaping Buildings,
and Cities.


This section allows to uplaod a set of images to "sell" the retreat. These images will be displayed under the subheader. If more than one images is provided, only the first images is displayed by default while the others are depicted as thumbnails below.

To learn more about different options about image uploads please check Uploading Images


The date selectors allows for timed events or all-day events. Furthermore it allows to select an end time/date.

  • As a minimum a Date needs to be set (All day checked - Show End Date unchecked)

The filed should only describe the location - can be just a city, or an address, or a buiding/facility and its address - e.g.:

Silver Falls Cabin & Conference Center
Sublimity, Oregon

Latitude and Longitude

These two numerical text fields hold the GPS coordinates of the marker that will be shown on the Google map.
A quick way to get these coordinates is the following process:

  • Google the desired location on
  • Right click on a marker, building, street and then select "What's here"

  • This opens a small pop-up window on the bottom showing the following info, from where the coordinates can be copied:

Zoom Level

This field sets the initial zoom level of the map - use in the range of 11-13 if you want to focus on cities, go into 15-16 to zoom to building scale.


This is the main text that will always be visible on top of any of the later sub-section. Desribe the main focu and/or motivation, motto, etc. of the event.
This text area provides the text editor, which provides more formatting options.

For further information on how to use the text editor of this field please visit Working with the Editor

Event Coordination

This area should hold information about the Program Committee, the Site Coordinators, any other organizational contacts, etc.

Call for Submission

Describe the solicitation of topic for session, workshops, etc. This section also has a field to upload any template files you may want to list/reference here.


Describe the registration process and the different options with cost. While it is possible to switch to an advanced editor modus that also allows to create tables and other fancy stuff, have in mind that a responsive design (i.e. a design to be rendered on any size of screen) may not do well with tables. Try to use lists where possible.
See for an example to present regisration types.


Describe the venue, lodging options, transporation, any wifi or cell restrictions, etc.


As this will be filled out later as the program becomes available, it can be left empty and thus will not show up initially.
Similar to before, while it is possible to switch to an advanced editor modus, it's better to use lists where possible.
See for an example to present regisration types.


The list of participants can also be filled out later, but is helpful for both, people who are planning to attend, and as record for later visitors of the site reading through past events.

Other Information

The field finally collects everything that didn't fit above. Typically we list what to bring, climate info, and also scholarship oportunities if they were not listed already earlier.

Teaser/Banner Image

The teaser/banner image is special image that is utilized in fronpage slideshows, or as a page banner. Ideally it should be at least 1140px wide, and at least 400px high. Any aspect ratio can be uploaded and the image will be cropped based on the position of the crosshair shown on the thumbnail.

The Image Preview link provides a way to check how the image will render in different locations where it will be used. The following checkboxes can be selected:

  • Use as page banner

    If checked, the above image will be displayed as a banner on top of the retreat page

  • Promoted on slideshow
    If checked, the image will be displayed in the promotional slideshow area on on the homepage of the site.
    This should be set only temporary for promotional visibility.
    When this option is checked the "Slideshow Text" below should be filled out

Slideshow Text

The text will be filled into the transparent overlay with the title of the event. It typically should hold the event slogan and the location - eg.:

Shaping Buildings,
Ecologies, and Cities

Silver Falls, Sublimity, Oregon


That's it - once you've arrived here, all there is left is hitting

If you want to CANCEL any changes, just go to any other place in your browser or to any other page without hitting save.
No changes are saved to the database before you hit "SAVE".

To learn more about managing content please visit Editing Content