How to add new content

Adding Content

The following provides a quick guide on how to post content such as resources for sharing with others in this peer network.

In the main menu you will find an entry "My Account" on the right-hand side. After you have logged into the site and depending on your rights, the drop-down menu of this item should have an entry called "Add content".

Action Menu

Again, depending on your site rights, you will find different content types that you can create. At a minimum you should find the following content types:

  • A Resource is the most common content type for you to create and share. A resource can be a slide deck for classes, lecture notes in a text document, image files, spreadsheet documents, links to websites and tools, etc. - basically any item that you may want to share with the community.
  • A Course is at a minimum a description of a syllabus that can inspire others to revise their existing courses, or help develop similar new courses. Ultimately, a course item allows you to link any resources (that you have to created before) to your outline and thus provide quick links to indentify the individual (also shared) resources that you utilize in this course.

Content management systems require a different way of thinking in terms of content preparation. Since content is stored in a database and not in a single file, it is broken down in entities that can later be searched and categorized. Thus, there are several field types that offer different input options, ranging from single line text input fields, to advanced text input areas utilizing a word editor, or fields providing different options for image and file uploads.

To learn more about editing and managing your content visit Editing Content