BAU 2019 and Powerskin

Mon, Jan 14 - Sat, Jan 19

BAU Architectural Show (January 14-19) and PowerSkin Conference (Jan 17) in Munich

If classes don't start till late in January, check out PowerSkin, the one-day conference on start-of-the-art and state-of-practice overview of Digital Processes in Advanced Building Facades in conjunction with BAU 2019, a global building trade show in Munich.

BAU 2019 is a 5-day global extravaganza in Munich that packs 2,000.000 sf of exhibit space across the industry into one event- an amazing snapshot of the state of practice and emerging trends globally in design practice, construction and technology.

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The  1 day POWERSKIN conference (January 17) is held every two years in conjunction with BAU, featuring mostly European researchers and practitioners on the cutting edge of facade design- and building on the European Facade Network and related collaborative R&D projects in Europe.  This year's theme is "Digital Processes in Facade Design and Construction"- Check out the attached agenda and links.  Registration fees for students are nominal and only 150 Euro for others and include proceedings and free BAU admittance- (of course you still need to get to Munich...)

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