Cleveland today

Alternatives to the Present

Thu, Nov 01 - Fri, Nov 02
Kent State University, Cleveland

A Conference on Architecture, Urbanism, Sociology, Development & Planning
01–02 November, 2018, Kent State University, Cleveland.
Abstract deadline: 05 June 2018

Cleveland Now

This conference is organized by the Kent State University and the research organization AMPS and the scholarly journal Architecture_MPS.
It forms part of an international publishing network PARADE (Publication and Research in Art, Architectures, Design, and Environments) involving Routledge, Taylor&Francis, Intellect Books, UCL Press, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Vernon Press and Libri Publishing.
Books published so far that are related to this conference series:
  Housing Solutions Through Design. Libri Publishing
  Digital Futures and the City of Today. Intellect Books
  From Conflict to Inclusion in Housing. UCL Press
  Imaging the City—Art and Creative Practices in the City. Intellect Books
  Housing the Future. Libri Publishing
  Urban Documents, Design Practices and Social Criticism Through the Lens. Intellect Books
  Reflections on Architecture, Society and Politics. Routledge.
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Abstract deadline: 05 June 2018