Review: PLDC 2017 - Paris, France

Lighting educators met on 1 Nov in a pre-conference session moderated by Alison Ritter and Malcolm Innes, who began with an update of the work achieved by a Think/Do Tank on the lighting profession and lighting education. Guest speaker Natalia Bystryantseva, Head of the Art & Science Institute and Director of the Creative Lighting Design (CLD) program at ITMO University in St. Petersburg, spoke on education that breaks down barriers—academic programs today need to prepare lighting designers to act as “alchemists” and synthesize different kinds of sciences, art, and technologies. It was well-attended by a roomful of educators and industry professionals.

The educators’ session set the tone for another PLDC that featured a balanced array of research findings and lessons learned from practice presented in four concurrent sessions. You could escape the technical sessions to partake in the lighting manufacturers’ displays or to venture through the City of Light. John Mardaljevic observed, “At PLDC events the boundaries between education, research, and application dissolve, creating a true community of professionals where each may learn from every other.”
The big news is that this formerly Euro-centric biennial conference has decided to become worldwide and annual. The next event will be in 2018 in Singapore, with a European venue in 2019, and, tentatively, New York City in 2020. For details see

Y’all come!