Review: ASES Solar 2017 Conference, Denver

Daylight dominated this ASES venue

This year at SOLAR 2017 over 380 participants came together in an intimately structured setting to review and strengthen:

  • Technical and policy pathways to a  renewable energy world
  • Synergies for diverse advocates and organizations working together
  • Effectiveness of community efforts across the country
  • Advancements in building design and energy efficiency
  • Education and workforce development innovations.

Through a dynamic mix of provocative plenary sessions, interactive fora and technical sessions, as well as networking events, three key calls to action emerged:

  • INFORM policy makers, utility decision makers, and the general public concerning the compelling facts and trends about renewables
  • BUILD stronger partnerships with other groups and individuals working for a renewable  energy world
  • SUPPORT programs at the community level.

ASES welcomes all professionals and advocates to join in this important work to achieve a renewable energy world for all used wisely and efficiently. Visit for more detailed information on conference findings and the wide variety of presentations.