Current Slate of Candidates 2019

Troy Peters candidate for President-Elect

Congratulations to all this year's candidates. Not surprisingly, everyone won!

For President-Elect: Troy Peters

I am an Associate Professor at Wentworth Institute of Technology and the past secretary/treasurer for SBSE. I strongly believe in the mission of SBSE and credit SBSE members for starting and furthering my career in teaching. I first became a member of SBSE as a student in the MArch program at the University of Oregon in 2001. Since that time I have taught at Ball State, Calpoly, USC, BAC and Wentworth. I also received a PhD from UMass Amherst. All of this success was made easier and maybe even possible through the mentorship I received from the members of SBSE.


I believe the most valuable resource that SBSE can offer is mentorship to future educators through student scholarships to retreats and conferences, new educators through resources on the web portal and seasoned educators through the ability to mentor future and new educators. Using the knowledge gained from serving as secretary/treasurer for four years, I would like to strengthen and expand scholarship opportunities for students who will be our future educators. I would also like to help new educators with curriculum development and for all members, increase retreat involvement.

For Treasurer: Tom Collins

I became an SBSE member in 2014 while still completing my graduate studies at the University of Oregon. I wanted to teach building science and environmental systems at the college level after graduation and knew that SBSE would be an excellent resource and support community for me in that pursuit. I have been teaching design and environmental systems courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels at Ball State University since 2015. Shortly after beginning here, I began assisting Walter Grondzik with SBSE awards and scholarships. In 2017, I was elected as SBSE Treasurer to replace Alex Rempel who had served for 4 years. In my role as treasurer, I manage the finances of the organization. My first task was to transition our bank account to a business account to facilitate easier hand-offs with future treasurers. Each year, I prepare financial reports for the board meetings and an end of the year report for the annual meeting. I also oversee membership renewals through our Wild Apricot site and assist members with payment issues. I prepare check and electronic payments for the many scholarship recipients. This year, I coordinated and ordered 1,000 Sun Angle Calculators, our first reorder since 2013. Ulrike and I renegotiated the 3-year scholarship commitment from the Cook Trust and were successful in increasing the funds available for students and scholars including 2 international scholars at the 2019 retreat. I am pleased to report that SBSE is in good financial standing and that our books are in order. It would be my pleasure to continue in this role for another 2 years.

For SBSE Secretary: Emily McGlohn

As current secretary for SBSE, I would appreciate the opportunity to continue my service in the same role for the 2019-2021 cycle. I appreciate the collegial relationships I've formed with the other board members, and would like to develop them further in the future. Building science education is an important aspect of my current work, and it's critical for me to stay connected to other educators teaching similar subjects. SBSE is an organization formative in my early career as a building science educator. Now, that I've gained a foothold as an educator, It's important to me to give back to the organization that helped me in the beginning.