Congratulations to the full slate of 2021 candidates

Alex Rempel, candidate for President-Elect

President-Elect: Alex Rempel

I’m honored and delighted to have been nominated as a candidate for President-Elect of the Society of Building Science Educators. As environmental concerns become increasingly urgent, as academic units expand their efforts to teach rigorous carbon-neutral design, and as professional and governmental organizations increasingly promote green building practices, the SBSE has vital roles to play in education and advocacy.

As many of you know, I served as the SBSE Secretary and Treasurer from 2014-2018 and worked closely with Alfredo Fernandez-Gonzalez, Pablo LaRoche, Ulrike Passe, Walter Grondzik, Troy Peters, Bruce Haglund, Alison Kwok, and numerous retreat co-coordinators on several initiatives during that time. Building on the initiatives of previous Boards, we were able to increase the active SBSE membership substantially; these increased funds, combined with successful fundraising by the Scholarships Committee and Retreat Coordinators, quadrupled our annual budget and allowed us to increase scholarship sizes, numbers, and conference destinations for multiple consecutive years. I also assisted retreat coordinators with budgeting and coordination in these years; with their diligence, these four retreats (Biosphere II, AZ; Highlands, NC; San Francisco, CA; Silver Falls, OR) were both academically inspiring and financially self-sufficient.

As President-Elect, I would work closely with the Board to support ongoing activities in these realms and others, including (i) the substantial effort to collect, organize, and provide well-managed online access to educational materials; (ii) the ongoing missions of providing scholarships to students and faculty of diverse backgrounds for conference and retreat attendance, of providing a well-managed listserve forum for building science communication, and of conducting valuable, affordable retreats for exchange of ideas and materials; and (iii) the promotion of zero-carbon and passive design education and practice through both academic and professional channels.

I wish you all a healthy, passively cooled, and thermally delightful late summer and fall.

Treasurer: Tom Collins

I became an SBSE member in 2014 while still completing my graduate studies at the University of Oregon. I wanted to teach building science and environmental systems at the college level after graduation and knew that SBSE would be an excellent resource and support community for me in that pursuit. I have been teaching design and environmental systems courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels at Ball State University since 2015. Shortly after beginning at Ball State, I began assisting Walter Grondzik with SBSE awards and scholarships. In 2017, I was elected as SBSE Treasurer to replace Alex Rempel who had served in that role for 4 years. In my role as treasurer, I manage the finances of the organization. Each year, I prepare financial reports for the board meetings and an end of the year report for the annual meeting. I also oversee membership renewals through our Wild Apricot site and assist members with payment issues. I prepare check and electronic payments for the many scholarship recipients. I also manage our PayPal and bank accounts. In 2019, I coordinated and ordered 1,000 new Sun Angle Calculators to replenish our inventory, our first reorder since 2013. I helped renegotiate the 3-year scholarship commitment from the Cook Trust and were successful in increasing the funds available for students and scholars including 2 international scholars at the 2019 retreat. I am pleased to report that SBSE is in very good financial standing and that our books are in order. It would be my pleasure to continue in this role for another 2 years

SBSE Secretary: Clarke Snell

I am a licensed architect with a background in developing and applying sustainable and resilient building systems toward project carbon reduction for small projects. For more details, check out my personal web site <>. Currently I find myself teaching undergrad engineering design at Stevens Institute of Technology, so add to that playing with coding, sensors, and robots. Life is a trip, eh? I have been an SBSE member since 2018. This past year I have been trying to get more involved and approached Georg and Bruce about helping with public content on the website, etc. It seems that being the Secretary would be a good way to formalize and expand on those efforts. I am by my own admission too organized, so the position is a good fit.