2018 SBSE Retreat: Program released, registration deadline extended to June 1!

Sharing (educational) secrets around bonfire

Take a chance and connect with faculty, practitioners, content experts, and students to share tools; case studies; innovative lectures, labs, and studio exercises through short talks; hands-on activities; and workshops. Topics for Sessions and Workshops 

  1. Material Life Cycles—How life cycles of resources and local relationships inform teaching and practice. 
  2. Carbon Cycles—How to enhance understandings of carbon cycles in addition to energy as part of the design process.
  3. Nutrient Cycles—The food–energy–water nexus at the urban–periurban–rural interface for community and building design. 
  4. Seasonal Cycles—Promote the design of buildings to benefit from or to withstand solar, wind, water, relative humidity, and other potentially changing climatic cycles.
  5. Strategies and Tools—Exemplary tools, methods, and design strategies that teach the importance of the wide range of environmental strategies in design and planning. 
  6. Roundtable Discussions and Working Groups—“Hot” topics that might include case studies, book and grant proposals, promotion/tenure/mentorship issues, contributions to the 2050 Imperative, and so on. 

Visit http://www.sbse.org/retreats/sbse-retreat-2018 for more details.


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