New Membership Portal

Good news — SBSE has created a new membership portal with Wild Apricot, which will help us manage our expanding and absent-minded membership [Mostly professors–ed.].

Screenshot of the new membership portal hosted at Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot will send you gentle reminders to re-up your dues every year. We've created accounts for current and recently elapsed members (since 2010) based on their reported e-mail addresses. Beginning now, you all can renew through June 21, 2015 for $50 whether you have an account or not. We have also established 3-year ($120) and lifetime ($500) memberships for the budget-oriented and the faithful. Student dues remain at $15 and developing country memberships are still free.
Check out the new membership portal. You can change your membership category (regular, student, developing country, 3-year, or life), update your info, and pay your dues via PayPal or personal check. Our secretary/treasurer, Alexandra Rempel (, can answer any technical questions, but she believes it's all self-explanatory!

Shout out to Alex for making it happen!
A lot of work and research were required.