Participants in the 2017 SBSE Retreat

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Welcome to the Society of Building Science Educators

The Society of Building Science Educators (SBSE) is an association of university educators and practitioners in architecture, engineering, construction and other related disciplines who support excellence in the teaching of environmental science and building technologies. SBSE's goal of promoting and supporting quality instruction in building science is realized through a broad range of practical activities.

SBSE provides numerous and varied opportunities for member participation in the organization, resulting in increased membership benefits for all. SBSE serves five key purposes:

  • Act as a support group for individual members
  • Represent the subject areas of environmental science and building technologies to outside interests
  • Offer a network for exchange of pertinent information through written, visual, and interpersonal means
  • Promote research, creative activity, pedagogical excellence, and scholarship among the membership
  • Support the institutional needs of technical education within professional curricula in architecture

SBSE recognizes that the fields that comprise environmental technology are evolving rapidly. Such changes fuel a need for constant renewal among teachers of environmental technology. Moreover, educators in these fields are often isolated or lack peer support within their schools. In addition, they have different backgrounds and varying levels of support and sources of information. New environmental building techniques require parallel innovations in teaching. SBSE promotes this innovation through shared information and peer review. For instance, napkin-stage computer scheming, sky simulators, and molecule dances are shared SBSE pedagogical techniques resulting from curriculum development retreats. Both the technology and pedagogy have research implications. Thus, the exchange of ideas, materials, and techniques, coupled with new educational processes, are critical infusions SBSE makes to architectural education. Our current activities and resources continue to expand, enabling SBSE to provide benefits in education, research, and service to its members.