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SBSE Retreat 2017 What to Bring

CRAFT: Shaping Buildings, Ecologies, and Cities
Silver Falls Cabin & Conference Center
Sublimity, Oregon 
Tuesday, July 25 Friday, July 28, 2017


Weather: Temperatures in July range from the low 50s (10 C) in the evenings to the high 80s (29 C) during the day. Days are warm and nights are cool, so layers are appropriate. It might not rain, but waterproof attire may be appropriate for hiking among the park's many waterfalls.

Teaching Omiyage: (gift in Japanese and an SBSE tradition) Please bring a teaching gift for each of the participants (approximately 50). In past years, omiyage has included memorable teaching gifts such as bandana for acoustical walks, pocket balometer, pocket pyranometer, magnetic concrete, watercolors, a hand-bound book, bubbles for airflow, images from textbooks, PV hats, syllabi, publications, truffles(!), and many more creative and crafted teaching/learning gifts.

Program Committee: Simi Hoque, Drexel University; University; Omar Al-Hassawi, Washington State University; Fred Tepfer, Oregon; Alexandra Rempel, University of Oregon
Site Coordinators: Alison Kwok and Isabel Rivera, University of Oregon

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