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SBSE Retreat 2016

Design for Zero Energy, Water, and Waste
PG&E Pacific Energy Center
San Francisco, California 
Monday, July 18—Thursday, July 21, 2016


We’ll meet at the PG&E Pacific Energy Center (PEC) in San Francisco, Monday, July 18Thursday, July 21, 2016.

With precious and limited water resources, how actively are California’s green buildings addressing water conservation and management? What can we do to assert a greater environmental priority for water and energy use in buildings in our own regions? From best practices, new research, and advanced management systems in buildings in California, what lessons can we learn to to guide our teaching of building design as part of the solution to the current energy, water, and waste issues. What strategies are appropriate for different locations? What are the limitations in some states and how do we move forward in our stewardship of the environment?

Welcome to the 2016 SBSE Retreat, Design for Zero Energy, Water, and Waste, which will provide a forum for expanding our understanding of these issues; sharing the strategies, tools, and ideas that SBSEers are using to teach and practice appropriate building design; and re-kindling our teaching with new ideas, collaborations, networks, and shared experiences.

We’ve secured a generously donated venue for this year’s retreat—the Pacific Energy Center, 851 Howard Street in downtown San Francisco. This facility is supported by the Pacific Gas and Electric utility and provides extensive educational programs, tools, and design advice on energy efficiency, HVAC systems, lighting, comfort, and environmental quality. We will maintain our traditional schedule of invited speakers/practitioners, tours, and parallel 1-hour workshops/presentation sessions and long breaks to explore PEC’s resources, facilitate new conversations, and have impromptu gatherings. We have garnered support from the AIA and PG&E and may synergize with community college educators who do workforce training in energy efficiency.

Participants are encouraged to arrange their own lodging for the 3 nights as soon as possible at places of their choice: AirBnB, the East Bay, or hotels near the airport. A limited block of rooms are being arranged at nearby hotels for convenience. The Pacific Energy Center is centrally located nearest to the BART Powell Street Station and a mile walk from CalTrain’s 4th and King Street Station. [And, just 7 blocks from the GiantsAT&T Park!] Participants will not need to rent any cars (and parking is nil).

SBSE Student Retreat Scholarships
These scholarships—up to six at $625 each, funded through sales of the Sun Angle Calculator—are intended to provide support for students with a keen interest in pursuing a future teaching position in environmental control systems or a closely related area of building science. The scholarships are aimed at graduate students with prior experience as a teaching assistant in an environmental control systems (building science) course. The 2016 Retreat will be held in July in downtown San Francisco, CA.

Jeffrey Cook Memorial Retreat Scholarship
In honor of the late Jeffrey Cook, this scholarship is offered to a faculty member from a developing country to help defray the costs of attending the SBSE retreat. The award will be based primarily on the benefits of the scholarship to the applicant's teaching, institution, and country. The 2016 Retreat will be held in San Francisco, CA.

Critical Dates:

• August 2015 Announcement
• September 2015 Call for Proposals
• March 1, 2016 Proposal Deadline
• March 15, 2016 Acceptance of proposals
• April 4, 2016 Jeff Cook Scholarship applications due
• April 11, 2016 SBSE Student Scholarship applications due
• May 15, 2016 Registration deadline
• July 18-21, 2016 Retreat

Program Committee: Sophia Duluk, EHDD Architecture; Seth Holmes, University of Hartford; Omar Al-Hassawi, Washington State University; and Alexandra Rempel, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Site Coordinator: Alison Kwok, University of Oregon

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