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SBSE Retreat 2012

McCall Outdoor Science School at the UI McCall Field Campus, ID 
Friday, June 15—Sunday, June 17, 2012
Integrated Design Lab, Boise, ID
Friday, June 15 and Monday, June 18, 2012

The Next Generation focuses on our continuing effort to enable architecture studio culture to implement the goals of the Architecture2030 Challenge. We call on faculty, practitioners, content experts, and students to share tools, case studies, and innovative studio exercises with attendees through workshop experiences. We’ll augment the participants’ contributions with materials and exercises relevant to the Next Generation project. The retreat will prepare attendees to implement these techniques and strategies in design studios at their own institutions and will pave the way toward their students competing in our proposed Campus Triathlon competition. This Triathlon will challenge interdisciplinary design teams to propose modifications to master plans, buildings, or single spaces on their campuses to achieve carbon neutral, net zero energy performance. The first-year competition will be a test-of-concept limited to retreat participants and will focus on a campus building redesign.


Retreat participants will stay on the University of Idaho McCall Field Campus in semi-rustic cabins; use the campus’ indoor and outdoor classrooms during the day; and enjoy gourmet meals in the on-site dining facility. Formal presentations will be scheduled during morning and evening sessions, leaving afternoons open for informal networking, hiking, swimming, being chased by wildlife, or impromptu gathering of work groups. The final day of the retreat will be held at the Integrated Design Lab in Boise, ID. Transportation between Boise and McCall will be provided as needed.

The retreat will be focused around the theme of preparing students and faculty to design a carbon-neutral world: issues to be addressed will include carbon-neutral studio projects, design tools, interdisciplinary collaboration, social networking, and thinking beyond energy. This retreat is the next step in SBSE’s ongoing commitment to leadership in carbon-neutral design.

Program Coordinators
Christine Bachman, University of Houston, Downtown, BachmanC@uhd.edu 
Walter Grondzik, Ball State University, gzik@polaris.net
Bruce Haglund, University of Idaho, bhaglund@uidaho.edu
Robert Koester, Ball State University, rkoester@bsu.edu
Alison Kwok, University of Oregon, akwok@uoregon.edu

Site Coordinator
Bruce Haglund, University of Idaho, bhaglund@uidaho.edu

SBSE Society of Building Science Educators
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