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Program Coordinators:
Jim Wasley, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, jwasley@uwm.edu 
John Quale, University of Virginia, quale@virginia.edu


Teaching Omiyage, an SBSE retreat tradition. Since many of us will be traveling internationally with limited luggage space, please bring a teaching or research “take-away” in digital form for each participant. We'll post all of the omiyage to an FTP site so everyone may download it. Past favors have included a portable sundial from Cris Benton, daylighting slides from Barbara Erwine, Energy Scheming baseball caps from G. Z. Brown's ESBL, Wiley books, Ecotone books, digital images from Sun, Wind & Light, poems, handouts, bibliographies, etc. Bring cool stuff to share!  We will do self-introductions with these items.

Appropriate clothing. The New Forest is a National Park—it has woods and meadows with free-range ponies and pigs): bug repellent, flashlight, sturdy & comfortable hiking boots. Ashurst summer weather—from hot and sunny to cool and damp, so bring clothes for comfort in a range of (micro)climates,  wear layers, and bring a brolly (umbrella).

Program presentation: a digital projector and a laptop will be available. Presenters must bring their work on thumb drives, CDs, or DVDs and supply other materials as needed. 

Rules, Regulations, Conveniences, and Inconveniences:

  • Registration/Arrival: WIT will provide retreat check-in services and keys. 

  • Lodges: each lodge has a large sitting area with a full kitchen and 2 to 5 rooms. Bathrooms are shared among two or three rooms. The shared rooms have 2 twin beds. 

  • Internet: The Chubut Building has Internet access.

  • Coffee: you can make coffee or tea in your lodge kitchen.

  • Mobile phones: all retreat sessions will be telephone-free (i.e., like the days before we had cell phones). Please leave phones in the lodges.

  • Alcohol: The pub is a short walk away and you can keep cold drinks in your lodge's fridge.

  • Smoking: Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.

  • The environment: The New Forest protects its ecosystem through careful maintenance, recycling, and respectful nurturance. Be respectful!

  • A map of WIT environs. [WIT map 264kb]

SBSE: Society of Building Science Educators
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