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SBSE Retreat 2008:
Ashurst Lodge at WIT in The New Forest, UK 
Wednesday, July 23—Saturday, July 26

In the spirit of "Resetting the Agenda," the SBSE New Forest Retreat will focus on new directions in building science research and architectural education, organized around two objectives: to share new and emerging best practices and to chart a course for SBSE’s engagement in global discussion on the future of both research and education. Within this cavernous structure, there should be room for all:

New Topics/ New Approaches

1)      Carbon Neutrality in the Studio and Classroom

2)      Green Is More than Counting Carbon: Teaching Topics Other than Energy

Resetting the Agenda

3)      Forum on the SBSE agenda for architectural research

4)      Forum on the SBSE agenda for architectural education.

The first two tracks are focused on sharing new ideas and approaches to teaching energy and other green building topics. Presentation time slots will be short (10–15 min.) and organized into serial sessions, so that we can accommodate as many presentations as possible, encouraging everyone's participation in each session.

The second two tracks are about creating coherent position statements representing the SBSE’s vision for the future of building science research and education. The Oxford Conference is obviously one starting point for this discussion. We'll also discuss “A National Green Building Research Agenda." November 2007, by the USGBC Research Committee, chaired by SBSEer Gail Brager. 

See: http://www.usgbc.org/ShowFile.aspx?DocumentID=3402

The content committee will structure forum discussions and designate speakers on each topic. We are also soliciting individual presentations and position statements, either reacting to the Oxford or USGBC agendas, or charting new territory.

The retreat will be organized around your proposals for presentations in all tracks and beyond. We are seeking proposals (due February 5) from both faculty and students. 

Presentations and photos from the Retreat at available on Terri Meyer Boake's web site, which also a photo log of her UK trip and more!

Program Coordinators
Jim Wasley, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee,
John Quale, University of Virginia, quale@virginia.edu

Site Coordinator
Bruce Haglund, University of Idaho, bhaglund@uidaho.edu

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