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WIT at The New Forest, UK
Wednesday, July 23—Saturday, July 26


1 Emad Afifi SCAD
2 Dennis Andrejko University at Buffalo
3 Craig Anz Southern Illinois University
4 Leonard Bachman University of Houston
5 Terry Meyer Boake University of Waterloo
6 Stephen Dent University of New Mexico
7 Jacob Dunn* University of Idaho
8 Walter Grondzik Ball State University
9 Bruce Haglund University of Idaho
10 Mary Hancock Oxford Brookes University
11 Laura Haymond* University of Southern California
12 Katy Janda Oxford University
13 Shamim Javed** North South University
14 Paul Kenny University College Dublin
15 Karen Kensek University of Southern California
16 Alison Kwok University of Oregon
17 Pablo LaRoche Cal Poly Pomona University
18 J Owen Lewis University College Dublin
19 Shih-Hsin Lin* University of Southern California
20 Shraddha Marathe University of Southern California
21 Michael McGlynn Kansas State University
22 Mark Mistur Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
23 Sean Nelson* University of Idaho
24 John Quale University of Virginia
25 Sue Roaf Heriot Watt University
26 Christopher Schaffner The Green Engineer LLP
27 Marc Schiler University of Southern California
28 Gregory Thomson University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
29 James Wasley University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
30 Don Watson Earthrise Design
31 Michael Zaretsky University of Cincinnati
*   SBSE Student Scholarship Awardee
**  Jeff Cook Memorial Scholar

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