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SBSE Retreat 2007:
IslandWood on Bainbridge Island, WA
Wednesday, June 27—Saturday, June 30

This year's theme, "Out-of-the-Box," focuses on environmental design activities and innovations SBSEers are achieving with practitioners, communities and studies abroad, K-12 students, and/or have developed as part of their research. The "Box" may be loosely defined as what architecture faculty traditionally do "in-house", in classes at their own universities. Part of the schedule may be devoted to a building performance investigation at IslandWood (e.g., lighting, energy use, air movement, occupant satisfaction, as related to design intentions). 
Participants will stay on campus in comfortable, rustic lodges; use the IslandWood classrooms during the day; and take meals in the dining facility where food is prepared using fresh local ingredients and served family-style. The retreat schedule is organized with formal presentations during the morning and evening sessions, leaving afternoons open for informal networking groups, hikes through the 255-acre IslandWood campus, or impromptu work groups that might gather as needed.

The retreat will be organized around your proposals and the following themes: practitioners, K–12 programs, communities and studies abroad, and innovations, as well as roundtable discussions and working groups. We are seeking proposals (due March 5) from faculty and students.

Program Coordinators
Walter Grondzik, Tallahassee, Florida, gzik@polaris.net
Bruce Haglund, University of Idaho, bhaglund@uidaho.edu

Site Coordinator
Alison Kwok, University of Oregon, akwok@uoregon.edu

SBSE: Society of Building Science Educators
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