10 Good Reasons to be an SBSE Member

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  1. A network of educators, professionals, and those in related disciplines who support excellence in the teaching of environmental science and building technologies.
  2. Perspectives, assistance, and answers to all your questions via the SBSE listserve.
  3. Annual Retreats and Tool Days to exchange and share ideas.
  4. A Newsletter published 4 times a year by Bruce Haglund who always has his finger on the environmental pulse (the newsletter alone is worth the dues!)
  5. Peer review service (coordinated by Walter Grondzik) for promotion and tenure cases.
  6. Mentoring and Scholarship Opportunities for students interested in teaching.
  7. Countless opportunities to volunteer on worthwhile projects that help make our organization outstanding in every way.
  8. Access to Curriculum Resources: a digital slide library on CDROM, sun angle calculators, links to course websites and course offerings.
  9. Opportunities to meet and collaborate with faculty nationally and internationally.
  10. Lots of personal attention (it might be called haranguing) by the officers to become involved with SBSE activities.