SBSE Membership

10 Good Reasons to be an SBSE Member

 Membership Fee Schedule

  • Full Members: $US 50/year
  • Student Members: $US 15/year
  • Developing countries: no cost
  • Three-Year Membership: $US 120
  • Lifetime Membership: $US 500

A membership year is from June 22 to June 21 of the following year.
(We abide by solar years: renew on the summer solstice!)

Becoming a member is simple ... as is managing your membership profile through our

Membership Portal Wild Apricot

Use your e-mail address to log-in to Wild Apricot. Make sure all your info is current. You will also be able to see the entire membership list with contact info for all in our network. You have the option of paying via PayPal or by check. If you need assistance contact our Secretary/Treasurer at

SBSE Mailing List

If you want to stay informed or connect with a large group of building science educators, please join our mailing list. Membership on the list server, which is run on the University of Idaho's mail system, is separate from a paid SBSE membership and is open to the broader public. For a complete listing of archived posts please visit