Past Events

Jul 11

PLEA is an organization engaged in a worldwide discourse on sustainable architecture and urban design through annual international conferences, workshops and publications. It has a membership of several thousand professionals, academics and students from over 40 countries. Participation in PLEA activities is open to all whose work deals with architecture and the built environment, who share our objectives and who attend PLEA events.

May 14

You're invited!

Join us in Atlanta, May 14-16, 2015, where you’ll connect with the world’s brightest architects, designers, innovators, provocateurs, and thought leaders.
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Apr 06

The Future of Architectural Research
The theme of ARCC 2015 Conference, the FUTURE of Architectural Research, will address several important areas of architectural research: advanced materials and building technologies; environmental, energy and building performance factors; computational design; design delivery; project management; social and behavioral research in design; building types and design methods; and research in practice and academia. It will be a primary event for researchers, faculty members, design professionals, and policy makers to discuss and set the course for the future direction of architectural research.

Dec 16

PLEA is an autonomous, non-profit, network of individuals sharing expertise in the arts, sciences, planning and design of the built environment.

Oct 28

The goal of the World SB14 Barcelona Conference is to encourage the uptake of adequate answers to the challenges, social and environmental, which the building sector faces.
The building sector acts locally, solving problems on a local and regional scale, but must face challenges on a global scale that compel considering, in an integrated and complex way, the following issues: